SENSITIV IMAGO™ – Professional express health coordinator

There is a point of view that if a practitioner says “I can do everything”, it effectively means that he can’t do anything.

There is a good grounding behind this point, because a gynecologist can not be a good specialist in traumatology, and the surgeon can not be a competent infectious disease specialist or psychologist. That’s why the huge multifunctional clinics with a lot of specialized departments are so important.

However, you can get in a clinic either based on an acute problem or by an official direction of an other specialized doctor, to whom you previously also got by the direction of a therapist.

That is a complex mechanism that requires time, money, energy, patience and oddly enough, it takes some knowledge as well, so you understand what you’re doing rather than being blindly directed by others.

So what does an ordinary person should do, who is sick and who does not have time to spend days, weeks, and sometimes even months to get to a right specialist. But it is about the precious time, which is so important for early diagnosis and immediate treatment.

It may have seemed that the medical system came up with a solution for this situation, that is training of family doctors. A family doctor is a general practitioner. He initially has all the necessary knowledge of basic subjects in medicine. He is focused on the whole family: he knows the child, parents and grandparents, and is aware of their way of living and their habits. A family doctor is a general coordinator and manager. He understands this complex mechanism of clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and of course can help you get to the right specialised doctor much faster.

But! Firstly, not all countries have such specialists and not all of them are well prepared. Having a private family doctor is expensive, and a doctor in a clinic has a time that is limited by the insurance which, in turn, limits the level of work… and even if you have a qualified private family doctor who will help you sort out everything, it still takes time that gets lost.

This is where our Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate comes in…

It combines the latest technological advancement in the holistic medicine with a huge database of knowledge and possibilities for a quick and high-level assesment of the human organism. The data that previously used to take days and weeks to obtain through lab analysis and visits of multiple doctors, is now available via a 30-mins test. The Complex enables an operator (doctor or naturopath) to determine the direction of the survey within a short time and send a person to an appropriate specialist in a timely manner. The Complex is also intended as a holistic prevention instrument. It can point you to an issue in a development stage, so you have the time to take health supporting measures which are not radical or aggressive for the organism.

The Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate provides the tools to diagnose the organism on all levels, allowing to reveal not only the pathology of the central nervous system, but also the vegetative one. Thousands of patents are running the corridors of clinics and hospitals with complaints of feeling ill and doctors get to consider them emotionally unbalanced because they can not reveal anything during the examination. The Complex can also determine the impact of geopathic zones and electricity on the body, identify suitable and unsuitable foods, allergens and microbiology, psychological stress and, most importantly, find the cause of your problem and suggest a solution.

The technology only takes 30 minutes to do a full evaluation with the individual recommendations at the operatior’s fingetips. How much of its possibilities you will use it – by 100% or only 10% – is a question of your education, your goals and the time available..But even if you use the simplest 10% of it, you can feel its power.

Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate – a powerful system out to become your ultimate health coordinator that you can use in your clinic, at home and even take on the road with you!