About the term BioCymatics™


This term was first introduced by the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny. The name itself comes from the Greek word “kyma” – wave. Kymatics (cymatics, simatic) is the science about the from-shaping properties of waves. Kymatics (cymatics, simatic) studies the properties of waves. Bio-Cymatics is a branch of science, which studies the wave energy laws and their influence on the structural characteristics of the living organisms.

Field and frequency properties (everything on earth, including humans) are paramount (the most important) and they form matter. Harmonious waves form a harmonious matter, non-harmonious form a non-harmonious matter. (BioCymatics)
Harmonic effects of waves can be observed at the cosmic level, as well as in the world of galaxies, stars and planets. (BioCymatics)
It is to these laws that all living things on our planet, including the human organism, are all subordinated. (BioCymatics)
Frequency and field properties form matter and hence the physical body of any living organism. (BioCymatics)