Sensitiv Imago™ Academy


Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate 530 includes 4 main modules:

  1. Sensitiv Imago™
  2. Sensitiv Imago™ Aureola
  3. Sensitiv Imago™ Angel
  4. Sensitiv Imago™ Academy


This articles uncovers what’s behind the Sensitiv Imago™ Academy.

Each user of the Complex, together with the official purchase of the complex from our Company, receives the basic training on the use of all 4 elements of the Complex both by themselves and as a whole. The basic knowledge provided to the user give sets him up for a right start toward a successful work with the Complex.

Over time, almost every user will learn about the possibilities of the Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate 530, which go beyond the basic knowledge. So, a desire may come up to get a more detailed information in certain areas of Quantum-Holistic Medicine. This is where Sensitiv Imago™ Academy comes in.

Let’s recall the main target groups for which Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate 530 is intended…

These target groups will need a deeper knowledge of the quantum-energy foundations of the holistic medicine. It is for such people and for all those who want to gain profound fundamental knowledge about quantum processes in the human body and in the surrounding space that the Sensitiv Imago™ Academy was created.

After gaining this knowledge, any person will have a more global view on the concept of health and disease. The knowledge gained can help to both stay healthy himself and to help others to maintain their health. It’s impossible to transfer the contents of hours of lectures into one article. Nevertheless, before you receive the training materials from us, you must understand what you will be getting. So, this article aims to convey the basics that reflect the course of study by the Sensitiv Imago™ Academy.

The whole world that surrounds us, both outside and inside, is energy or quanta. Today, the studies by the quantum physics have reached a very progressive level. Elementary particles are studied by the international laboratory of CERN. At the moment, the microworld consists of more than 350 elementary particles, differing in mass, charge, spin, lifetime and a number of physical characteristics.

From the school physics, we know that all molecules consist of atoms, and atoms in turn consist of neutrons and protons (making up the atomic nucleus), and electrons. We now observe the exciting moment in the quantum world. But not everyone’s aware that this is not the final division of the atom. In order for you to evaluate the complexity of the microcosm, we will outline here an example of the Standard Model of particles movement.

All elementary particles are divided into:

  • fermions, of which all matter is composed, and which are divided into quarks and leptons
  • bosons, that carry different kinds of interactions between fermions


Quarks strongly interact with each other and are divided into two groups:

  • the upper ones
  • and, the lower ones


The leptons that freely exist in space are also divided into two groups:

  1. electron, muon, and tau particle
  2. electron neutrino, muon neutrino, and tau neutrino



Without them, fermions would fly through the universe. Fermions exchange bosons among themselves and thus interact with each other. The interaction transmitted by bosons is electromagnetic (photons), nuclear (gluons, particles W and Z) and gravitational (gravitons). The interaction transmitted by bosons is with the help of photons (electromagnetic particles, through which light is transmitted).

Among the bosons, the Higgs boson is particularly prominent, which appeared as a result of strong oscillations of the Higgs field, which average value won’t tend to zero. The Higgs field gives particles a mass and violates many beautiful symmetries in the nature. Thanks to Higgs boson, it can be argued that the whole world consists not of the smallest particles, but of many different fields: quark, electronic, etc.

In the fields, there are insignificant fluctuations, but we perceive the strongest of them as the elementary particles. From the point of view of dualism, in different situations, the same object of the microworld behaves as a wave, and then as an elementary particle.

Presently, it’s the paradox of dualism that attracts a great interest from the scientists.

There is a claim that the Dual World is material and not material at the same time. Despite what we see and feel with all senses, all the objects surrounding us, in their essence, from the point of view of the quantum science, are almost an absolute emptiness.

How is this possible? – you’d ask.

Look at the number – 0.000000000001% – this is the percentage of the space in the atom filled by the material particles.

So, what’s the rest?

99.999999999999% – that’s the percetage of the space in the atom occupied by the emptiness.

Try to comprehend this fact and it will force you to reconsider how we should perceive ourselves and the space. If everything around us, ourselves included, mostly consists of the emptiness, then why do all objects look and feel firm to the touch? Since we are practically made up of the emptiness and there is a wall opposite to us, why can’t we go right through it?

The fact is that the physical laws of the nature act on us and our atoms. The feeling of the firmness of the whole environment is created by the repulsive or the attractive forces between the atoms of a similar force.

This can be compared to the repulsive effect happening between two magnets brought to each other. Our hands and feet, in fact, never touch anything, but only experience the force of repulsion from objects, which creates a sense of firmness.

Naturally you find it hard to believe this, but it’s a fact – in fact, you don’t touch the chair on which you sit, but rather hang over it, due to the fact that the atoms of the chair and your body are repelled from each other. In the quantum-physical reality, its the huge amount of vibrating energy that binds everything and makes all things look solid. And this is not a simple energy but the energies of the ultra-small particles moving at ultrahigh speeds that create this effect of firmness.

In addition, for a more complete image of what is happening, we will offer you another example of understanding the interaction of the ultra-small particles moving at excessively fast speeds. This example, in combination to the previous explanation, will give you a more complete picture of what’s involved.

Look carefully at the structure of the fan or the blades of an aircraft propeller. These are only 3-4-5 petals, which we see, and between them we see a free space.

But here the fan or the propeller starts to unwind at a tremendous speed. And what happens? We are already observing no alternation of the blade and space, we are seeing a single disk.

Maybe our eyes deceive us? Let’s touch this disk. If we do, the rotating disc will damage our hand. If we imagine the super speed of the disk, it won’t even damage our hand, since the disk will be absolutely solid, like a solid matter. Although in fact, for the most part, the fan blades, as what we see and interact with, consists practically of emptiness.

So, the whole world is ruled by waves and frequencies, and they create the structure of the world, both in the macrocosm (planets and their movement), and in the microcosm (molecules and atoms – inside the Human). It is frequencies that compact the space to the material world and then discharge the space to an absolute vacuum.

In order to understand the rules and laws of the world, and therefore those of our body, it is necessary to understand the rules and laws of wave motions of these frequencies. Since, if the rules are violated, the frequencies will compact the particles non-harmoniously – which leads non-harmonious processes in the Human!

To conclude, let’s say a few words about the goals of the Sensitiv Imago™ Academy.

3 main goals:

  1. To study and understand the general laws of nature that affect all processes occurring in macro and micro cosmos and, first of all, in the Human, as part of the nature.
  2. To learn to use the general laws of wave processes. To understand the quantum nature of the phenomena of macro and microcosm and to understand the hierarchical processes of the predominance of the wave characteristics over the material phenomena.
  3. To learn to use the general laws of the harmonious wave processes for holistic approaches in improving the condition of the human organism.