Sensitiv Imago™ Technology & Anti-aging: Live Longer


A person can and must live longer.
The ways to achieve it differ in different sources.

For example, Dr. Hans Kugler says that if only 10% of the aging factors could be eliminated and only 10% of the already existing disruptions could be corrected, then the average life expectancy will be 280-340 years.

What is the secret of longevity? What factors influence life expectancy and how to correct the damages already committed?

Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate will help you if not solve it, then at least facilitate your work on this task.

All theories of aging can be conditionally divided into two large groups:

Group 1 says – aging is a programmed process.

Group 2 says – aging is the result of a process of accumulation of damages, which the body tries to fight. The length of life depends, in this case, on the effectiveness of this struggle.

There is also a hormonal-genetic approach. The essence is that in the process of a person’s life, from the very birth, there is an increase in the sensitivity threshold of the hypothalamus, which eventually leads to hormonal imbalance and a progressive violation of all metabolic forms after the age of 40. Therefore, treatment of old age diseases must begin with an improvement in the sensitivity of the hypothalamus.

Of course, we don’t deny the fact that aging is a programmed process, but it can be slowed down if you pay attention to the causes described in this account and start solving them using the Sensitiv Imago Ultimate as such or in combination with your own methodologies.

We can’t be sure about a life of 340 years long, but 110-120 years of active life can be a reality, even if you start to correct your organism in your 40-50’s.

The Sensitiv Imago Ultimate offers you a vision of Anti-Aging in terms of
prevention and detection of damage processes at all levels.

Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate divides the main causes of aging into 4 groups.

  1. The physiological causes (Sensitiv Imago)
  2. Psycho-emotional causes (Aureola)
  3. Energy-information causes (Aureola, Angel)
  4. Information-educational causes (Sensitiv Imago Academy)

1. Physiological causes (Sensitiv Imago)

Those of you who know us for a long time can remember an article in which we identified 7 basic types of damage. Namely:

Garbage – inside the cells (accumulation of metabolic products inside the cells).

Garbage – outside cells (accumulation of metabolic products outside the cells: these are atherosclerotic plaques and amyloid plaques in the brain, Alzheimer’s).

Decay products are excreted from the body in normal mode, unless the body is tired. Fatigue leads to a decreased ability to be especially expected from fatigue poisons that are formed during the decomposition of the protein, decarboxylation of amino acids and contamination with pathogenic microorganisms). Thus predisposition to infectious and degenerative diseases is created.

If capillaries around normal cells are blocked by dead cells and their decay products, this prevents the inflow of nutrients (oxygen, amino acids, glucose, electrolytes, vitamins) and makes it difficult to remove the products of the cell activity.

Cells deficit – cells loss and inability to recover (this occurs in the heart, in some parts of the brain, in the muscles).
At the age of 1 year, the percentage of old cells does not exceed 1%.
At the age of 10, the percentage of old cells is 7-10%.
At the age of 50, the percentage of old cells increases to 40-50%.

Excess of cells – aging cells (these are fat cells that replace muscle tissue, these are aging cells that accumulate in articular cartilage and immune cells).

Mutation in chromosomes – a change in the DNA sequence.

Mutation in mitochondria (intracellular energy station) – mutations of mitochondrial DNA.

The protein containing a label is the formation of extracellular cross-links.

(All proteins in the body are destroyed and restored, but there are long-living proteins that aren’t renewed.) Over time, they are stuck together, so cross-links are formed and the elasticity of tissues is lost, for example, in the arterial walls.

This is the so-called damage. They lead to aging.

The timely release of the body from dead cells and metabolic after-products slows down the aging processes. This is achieved by a correct individual selection of food, a healthy lifestyle, physical exercises and so on. Also, an annual preventive screening by Sensitiv Imago is very important, which will help you to identify the damage and take action.

Incorrect nutrition can take 6 to 10 years out of a human’s life.

As a result of aging, age-related changes in the body lead to a gradual reduction in its adaptive ability.
With physiological aging, a person remains to be very healthy, capable of self-service until old age, preserves activity and interest in life.
Premature aging is characterized by early development of age-related changes. It is largely due to the diseases and the impact of negative environmental factors.

In connection with the fact that the aging process is individual and the state of the organism of an aging person often doesn’t correspond to the age norms, there appeared a need to distinguish between the concepts of calendar (chronological) and biological age.

2. Psycho-emotional causes (Aureola)

A stressful situation provokes a muscle tension.

And not always is this load visible. In the modern world, the discharge of the internal stress doesn’t occur. And there is a muscle clamp, initially insignificant and passing but, if stress is reccurring, then there is a constant tension of a certain group of muscles, which we can no longer relax by themselves.

Similar focuses of chronic muscle tension can be found throughout the body. They block impulses and feelings. Loss of body sensitivity leads to bodily stiffness. Because of the inability to relax, starting from childhood, a muscle shell or corset is formed. It can affect the surface muscles and the deep lying ones.

The function of the shell is to protect against stress, but the taxing effect is the blocking of impulses and feelings.

The more muscle clamps, the faster the person gets tired, the more negative it is, the poorer and more monotonous the emotional life becomes.

Relaxation of the muscular shell liberates a significant vital energy. Only after the suppressed emotion finds its expression, a person can completely abandon his/her chronic tension and clamping.
The muscles that play a protective role create obstacles to the flow of energy in the body.

Removing the muscle clamp releases not only the vegetative energy, but it also brings back memories of the situation in the early childhood or past experiences when this clamp was used for a certain suppression. By influencing these clamps, it is possible to influence the corresponding structures in the psyche, and vice versa.

Sensory motor amnesia is a loss of memory about how a certain group of muscles normally feels and how they should manage themselves. Sensory motor amnesia gives us a false idea of what we can feel and what we can do. Therefore, the loss of sensory motor memory and its consequences give us a false impression that we are getting old.

3.Energo-information cause (Aureola, Angel)

In this part, we begin with the concept of “the assembly point” – Fireball.

This is the place with the greatest concentration of energy in our body. Moving Fireball on the chakras and concentrating energy in this or that chakra, we interact with various objects of the surrounding world.

Everyone has the assembly point and it changes its position. But it has the main place of fixation. This place of fixation can be determined by Aureola (one of the chakras is always more active than the others).

The Fireball’s function is to configure the energy fields of a person and the outside world. How a person perceives the world, is the result of Fireball’s location in our energy shell.

There are people who create a space that negatively affects others. A person changes jobs, partners, housing, but nothing helps. After a while, everything starts to fall apart. Such a person bears the situation in himself. Without changing the assembly point, he will not change anything.

When working with such a person, we can adjust it to a positive, help change the assembly point and if you manage to change the person’s habits, you can achieve a stable positive result.

A person’s life develops as he orders it. The poor man is already pre-determined to be poor. The trouble itself is in the man. We can work with such a person and positively change his attitude. But as soon as we release our influence, he defaults back to his habits, remembers that he is unhappy and again enters into this role.

Our task is to deattach a person from this role. It’s difficult, but maybe you just need to help the person change the way he build his every day life.

Why do we age?

The aging process can be described to the accumulation of «errors».

There is an initial matrix in the form of the DNA molecules. According to this matrix, the body is being renewed all the time. Cells are constantly divided. Why does aging take place, despite the fact that it is constantly being renewed?

Any reproduction without error is simply impossible. The error level increases with each subsequent reading. Hence, aging has a logarithmic character: at first it goes at a slow pace, and then it begins to grow rapidly.

After each copy of reproduction there adds a small error. And the next copying simply reproduces the body, which is built with this error included. Accordingly, the next copying will be reproduced by an organism based on two errors, and so on.

In reality, these errors represent some information, which forms energy jams – clots of “stagnant” energy that interfere with the passage of energy along the meridians.

Errors are accumulated during the operation of the organism. With the interaction with the surrounding world, we deform our body, and this deformed organism begins to copy itself.

When we are engaged in any practice of cleaning channels, we throw out information slags from the body. Energy, moving along the meridians, flushes out energy jams that interfere with the proper functioning of the organ. The organism can be considered as an information structure, an information matrix. Therefore, erasing the errors and removing the consequences of interaction with the outside world, we get rid of the route cause itself. And the next time the cells replication happens, the organism reproduces yourself better than it did before.

4. Information-educational causes (Sensitiv Imago Academy)


A man has invented a bicycle a long time back. But he can try reinventing the wheel from scratch. And one day he may succeed at it, but time will be lost.

There now exist a knowledge that is based on the research done long before you. You should use this knowledge because we can’t move on if we should start each time with the reinvention of the wheel.

Thus, the Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate with the Antiaging program allows to:

  1. Conduct an annual screening that provides a timely detection of damaging processes (screening is a system of examining of the clinically asymptomatic individuals with the goal to identify presence of disease).
  2. Detect damage at all levels – physical, emotional, psychic and energetic.
  3. Correct damage at all levels – physical, emotional, psychic and energetic (body correction, psycho-correction and energy correction).
  4. Release the body from slags both at the macrolevel and at the cellular level (Homotoxicology theory).
  5. Remove the energy jams and restore the energy flow.
  6. Prolong the sensitivity of the hypothalamus.
  7. Correct the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system; distinguish between physical and emotional problems.
  8. Individually select food and medicines – drugs, supplements, herbs, vitamins, trace elements, homeopathy.
  9. Detect the load of contaminants in the body (heavy metals, nitrates …) and microorganisms.
  10. Solve the issue of reducing the impact of negative energy on the body.
  11. Strengthen your own technique in the field of Anti-aging.
  12. Positively impact the issue of the impact of socio-economic factors on the body.


By changing the position of the assembly point, the person changes the space around himself.
The so-called “loser” can become a fulfilled and a happy person. The task of the complex is to help deattached a person from the position of being unhappy and help live a long and a happy life.