Sensitiv Imago Aureola™ 100

We see global changes happening in the modern world. Moreover, these changes happen extremely fast. So, its now, more than ever before, that all practitioners, both medical and alternative, are looking for quick but reliable instruments for assessing the state of the human health. The modern practitioners also demand that the human organism can be analyzied from both the point of view of physiology and psychology. Sensitiv Imago Aureola™ 100 model provides the above mentioned possibilities through a quick 10-minute scan.

Sensitiv Imago AUREOLA™ 100 is a hardware-software complex based on the Bio-Photon Holography(BPH) principle of the registration of signals from a biological object.
It allows to find connections with the general level and the nature of person’s psycho-emotional and physiological activity, assess the state of individual organs and systems and monitor the effect of various stress influences on the body.

Bio-Photon Holography (BPH) with Sensitiv Imago Aureola™ 100 complex have been reliably applied in many areas like psychology, sports, psycho-physiology, military assessments, scientific research and others.. This method has been used for many years in medicine, sports and science as a tool for screening assessment, both the patient’s condition and the degree of external and internal influences. The method demonstrates high repeatability of results, has a good predictive effect in terms of both short-term and long-term forecasts (diagnoses) and sufficient correlation with real achievements (for example, in sports).

The Key Possibilities of Sensitiv Imago Aureola™ 100


    • Express evaluation of energy and psychological state within 10 minutes
    • Differential diagnostics: physical problems and emotions
    • The Holistic Map of Organism: see the top loaded systems and organs which need support now
    • Prevention of risks – see the possible problems in the early stage of development
    • Bio-field of the body – see the link between the energy issues and the human organs
    • Energy centers – see the link between the emotional and physical problems
    • Interpretation for each energy center, emotional-physical imbalance
    • Energy compensation possibilities Lotos module
    • Monitor the effectiveness of healing methods
    • Presentation of data in tables and diagrams
    • Printing out results – images, graphs and tables


Who will benefit from Sensitiv Imago Aureola™ 100


    • Experts working in the practical psychology and psychosomatics
    • Experts in holistic health – both doctors and alternative practitioners
    • Experts in anti-aging and longevity
    • Experts and consultants working in the field of wellness and healthy lifestyle
    • Experts and investors in sports industry for mobile health monitoring
    • Experts in estimation of efficiency of the working staff (HR)
    • Experts and consultants in the energy diagnostics and healing
    • Experts working with practitioners of martial arts
    • Experts and consultants in yoga practices
    • Experts and consultants in meditation practices

* Sensitiv Imago Aureola™ 100 has a valid European certification and comes complete with all the necessary documents: certificates, warranty, user’s manual and user work book.

** Sensitiv Imago Aureola™ 100 is a non-medical device that can be used by both doctors (as a research tool) and alernative practitioners.

*** Online training is included with purchase of Sensitiv Imago Aureola™ 100.