Bioresonance & Cymatics

Here we will cover the 4th element of our Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate 530.

The word “Cymatics” (or Kymatics) comes from the Greek word “kyma” – which means “wave“. So it’s the science of waves. Most often, Cymatics is described as the science of the form-generating properties of sound waves, which cause physical changes.

Some sound signals may cause a beautiful harmonious picture on the sand or water, others will look non-harmonious, non-beautiful.

Sound waves, in this case, are only a part of the wave and, respectively, a part of the quantum theory. Quantum laws are known to be guided by both micro and macro cosmos.

It is a sound and a visual perception of the cymatics that makes it possible to understand the quantum principle of the world’s functioning, a to consider the phenomenon of Bioresonance as part of Cymatics – the global science of waves.

In this context, it is clear that the sound part of the cymatics can be considered as an audio part of the bioresonance therapy, which causes changes not only in water and sand outside a person, but also inside the human body, since a person consists of approximately 70% of water and 30% of organic and inorganic substances. In both cases, there is a wave harmonization taking place of part of Bioresonance. In the case of the most accurate selection (coincidence) of frequencies there is a sharp amplification of the amplitude, that is, the curative effect of bioresonance. Due to the fact that 70% of the body constists of water, it is possible to consider all the phenomena described above in the human body as a phenomenon in the aqua system as a separate direction (discipline).

Rhythmic sound signals with a certain frequency and amplitude (waves) can cause a therapeutic and harmonizing effect on the cells, organs and systems in the human body. In turn, disharmonious sound signals (waves) are capable of affecting the body negatively and at times, destructively.

If you follow this principle, any signal (wave) can cause either a healing effect on the living body, or an effect of destruction, like it happens in the case of viruses, bacteria, mycoses.

Developing this idea, it becomes clear that all the known phenomenon of Bioresonance can and should be considered as part of the Cymatics as a Global science researching the influence of different wave-forms on physical states.

That’s why our fourth element of the Complex is called Bio-Cymatics which is a scientific quantum view on the effects of Bioresonance or other healing methods
that we add to our diagnostic and health-balancing intstruments (Aureola and Sensitiv Imago Angel that expand the possibilities of the classic Sensitiv Imago machines).

In the section “Bio-Cymatics” you will find articles, videos and other materials on the principles based on which that the quantum world is arranged. You will learn about the laws of wave formation. We will also go into the phenomenon of bioresonance. This section will contain interesting facts about the practical application of the Bio-Cymatics laws in practice.

All this information will allow you to expand your perspective on health and illness and open up new opportunities to understand the origin of diseases, and thus open up new opportunities to help yourself as well as your clients.