Comparison of Sensitiv Imago™ Angels effects


Effects Angel White Angel Green
multi-level protection of work and home environments YES YES
prevention of risks on all levels YES YES
protection against the electro-magnetic pathogenic effects YES YES
protection against electrosmog YES YES
protection against cell phone YES YES
protection against cell phone 5G NO YES
eliminates the effects of Hartmann grids and underground water veins YES YES
contributes to remedy the psycho-social difficulties YES YES
personal and family protection YES YES
protection against electro cars pollution effects NO YES
effect on the cellular structure of the physical body YES YES
can help minimize many of the health problems YES YES
principle of controlled release of energy from minerals YES YES
influence on the Aqua system external and intercellular NO YES
harmonizes water NO YES
protection against viruses and bacteria YES YES
harmonization effects on plants YES YES
positive effects on pets YES YES
suitable for children YES YES
contributes to harmonizing family relationships YES YES
overall harmonization of the body and mind YES YES
excellent results in cooperation with Sensitiv Imago 530CE YES YES
protect the energy field of operator and client YES YES
impact area < 30 m > 30 m
certificates, warranty, user’s manual YES YES
laboratory tests IGEF IIREC YES YES