Cosmic Hi-Tech or The Medicine of the Future

Alfa-Med Prague LLC is a EU-based company developing and manufacturing hardware-software complexes Sensitiv Imago for diagnostic scan, analysis and compensation of organism. We are a team of doctors, scientists, naturopaths and natural healing enthusiasts. Our mission is to make this world a better place through development and distribution of the technologies and methodologies which provide the most accurate and ecological ways to access, analyze and heal the human. Our multi-purpose quantum holistic technologies can examine an organism, determine deviations and risks, recommend individual holistic healing programs and produce the non-chemical energy healing complexes. We provide solutions where the traditional methods of understanding the human organism aren’t effective or aren’t enough!

3-in-1 Vision of the Human – Bioresonance, GDV (BPH), EMF Protection

Our equipment incorporates the most innovative methodologies, scientific breakthroughs and technological know-hows on reading, analyzing and healing the Human. From Bioresonance and NLS through Bio-Photon Holography (GDV) to Quantum EMF protection – we provide our practitioners and international partners across the Globe with the cutting-edge hi-tech solutions to scan and help your clients/patients in the most reliable way.

High standards in research and production

Sensitiv Imago equipment complexes have no analogs in the market. An extensive research work has been performed by high-grade specialists of medical, biological and technical sciences from different countries (Europe, Russia, USA, Japan). As part of the development and design of our systems, the research work of the following prominent scientists has been used: Nikola Tesla, Theodore Van Hoven, Royal Ralf, Natalia Bekhtereva. Sensitiv Imago devices are considered to refer to alternative, oriental and classical medicine and are used my MD’s and naturapaths alike. Our primary standards are quality and accuracy – we avoid cheap outsourcing and collaborate with the top quality production plants in the European Union, Asia and Russia.

Our 5 Main Expertise Areas

The exclusive European line of quantum technologies cover the following areas:

  1. Physical body scan/analysis/balancing (Sensitiv Imago)
  2. Human Energy scan/analysis/balancing (Sensitiv Imago Aureola)
  3. Psychology and Energy psychology (Sensitiv Imago Aureola)
  4. Human Energy protection against mobile nets and EMF fields (Sensitiv Imago Angel)
  5. Human Energy compensation (Sensitiv Imago, Sensitiv Imago Aureola)

Top Possibilities of the European Line of Sensitiv Imago

  • Sensitiv Imago can do a complex scan and balancing of the human body in 30 minutes.
  • Sensitiv Imago can identify the pathological imbalances in the body and risks at early stages where traditional methods like ultrasound are not effective.
  • Sensitiv Imago Aureola can identify psychological and psychosomatic factors that lead to physical stresses and complications.
  • Sensitiv Imago Angel can target a wide range of pathogenic EMF’s from mobile nets and geopathogenic zones and provide quantum neutralization in your homes and offices.
  • Our technologies provide individual complexes of frequencial therapies for organs and systems based on detected viruses, bacteria, allergens, toxic metals, toxic substances in foods.
  • Our technologies provide individual recommendations for correct foods, supplements, herbs and other healing products based on scan.

4 Classes of the European Line of Sensitiv Imago technologies

Depending on the consumer’s area interest, business goals and budget, we offer equipment in 4 classes:

BASIC: Sensitiv Imago 120, Sensitiv Imago 130, Sensitiv Imago Aureola 100 , Sensitiv Imago Angel White

PROFESSIONAL: Sensitiv Imago 520, Sensitiv Imago 530 (world bestseller), Sensitiv Imago Aureola 500, Sensitiv Imago Angel Green

PREMIUM: Sensitiv Imago Ultimate 530, Sensitiv Imago Aureola 600

New! Sensitiv Imago Digi-Healer:

  • Digi-Healer LOTOS (Online Wellness Portal for Relaxation & Emotional Correction),
  • Digi-Healer AURAVISUALS (Online Wellness Portal for Organs & System Correction),
  • Digi-Healer Glasses (Premium Mobile Healing Gadget)
  • Digi-Healer Frequency Streamer (Premium Mobile Healing Gadget)


  1. Fully tested Sensitiv Imago device with all cables and connectors
  2. Online Training on technology operation with a European Union certified Trainer included in the price
  3. Two years European Union guaranty from the European Office
  4. Installation and configuration of the system on your computer
  5. Software and databases in English in the price
  6. Basics of the holistic quantum medicine and analysis of human
  7. European Union standard certificate of user upon completion of training
  8. European Union standard illustrated user workbooks with guidelines for operation of Sensitiv Imago technologies
  9. Warranty support and access to distant IT Department
  10. BONUS support session with a Personal Trainer
  11. Possibility to continue your education on holistic quantum medicine

The Sensitiv imago devices are certified and officially authorized for safe application in Europe and other countries according to ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 European standards.

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