Sensitiv Imago™ Global Health Conference 2018 in Prague


The International “Quantum Holistic Health 2018 Conference” was held on 7th April in Prague at OREA Hotel Pyramida.

Partners and practitioners from 14 countries have gathered to enrich their experiences in the field of the Sensitiv Imago™ Technology with the Holistic Medicine:

    • UK
    • Slovenia
    • USA
    • Croatia
    • Thailand
    • Singapore
    • Russia
    • Czech Republic
    • Slovakia
    • Estonia
    • Italy
    • India
    • Serbia
    • Belarus

The Conference was organized by the European Company Praha Alfa-Med LLC, with the goal to deepen the knowledge and to share our experience of the practical use of the Sensitiv Imago for all levels of the holistic medicine.

The Conference speakers covered the following topics:

    • The Praha ALFA-MED Holding team – 22 years in Bioresonance field.
    • Sensitiv Imago™ – Professional Health Coordinator in the Holistic medicine.
    • The necessity of holistic approach to health – the combination of the Bio-Cymatics methodology, Sensitiv Imago Technology, Bio-Photon Holography Scan Technology, Quantum Energy Protection Technology.
    • Sensitiv Imago™ 530CE as the basis element.
    • Psychological problems and energy problems and Sensitiv Imago Aureola as a second element of Sensitiv Imago Ultimate. The role and possibilities of Aureola in the Ultimate.
    • Use of the Sensitiv Imago Aureola™ technology in psychology. Cases. Research Cooperation with Natalia Bekhtereva (famous Russian neuroscientist and psychologist).
    • Quantum Energy Protection. Sensitiv Imago™ Angel as a third element of the Ultimate. Necessity of a clean energy space. Angel as the best tested solution.
    • Practical use of the Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate and Macrobiotic nutrition.
    • The possibilities of the Energy pharmacology as an addition to the Sensitiv Imago Ultimate.
    • Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate and Anti-aging. “Live longer”
    • Frequency spa with Sensitiv Imago Ultimate in USA. Cases.
    • Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate and viruses.
    • Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate – practice and cases in the South-East Asia. Presentation of the complex on TEDx platform.
    • Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate and HR (human resources) in Balkan countries.
    • Perspectives and expected innovations in the SI™ Ultimate (Sensitiv Imago Technology, Bio-Photon Holography Scan Technology, Quantum Energy Protection Technology).
    • An Awarding Ceremony took place to mark the brilliant work of our Partners and the International Branches.


The Czech Branch

The Czech Branch

The Great Britain Branch

The USA Branch

The Asian Branch

The Balkans Branch

All the participants will receive the conference materials upon them being finalized. We would like to thank all the participants for the great atmosphere and the practical input. We look forward to new events and meetings soon!

Management of Prague Alfa-Med LLC

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