Over the past 22 years of our work and specifically in the recent years, we’ve observed a growing need for methodology and an integrated approach in the training.

The structure of our previous websites has mainly been focused around the hardware and software and the possibilities of our technology for practitioners. While all the above aspects are important, this does not allow us to visualize our comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment and to open up a wider veiw on what the human health and disease are. It does not mean that our already established websites will cease to exist. They will be further developed and be maintained.

Our new website introduces a new hardware-software-methodological complex that marks our new approach to understanding and helping the human organism.

Along with the term Bioresonance, we introduce a new term Cymatics (global science of waves), which lies in the foundation of the new methodology which unites the people and the nature into a single, connected quantum world with unified quantum laws. This is the concept around which the Sensitiv Imago Technology equipment is structured.

The idea of the name for the quadratic methodological cube Cymatics was born at sea, when looking at the waves, the question arose “what do the Waves talk about?”.

The wave can be small and harmless. On a weak wave, you can swim easily. On a moderately strong wave, you can surf. A large wave can potentially cause damage of varying degrees.

The quantum world that we all live is passing a big transformational phase (you may read about the phenomenon of Schuman waves) and if we want to stay safe and healthy in this re-newing world, we have to transform ourselves.

Changes occur rather quickly and if we float on the low-level waves, not understanding what’s happening, we risk to not adapt to those changes. On the other hand, an extreme degree of waves can potentially cause a severe harm.

Therefore, our task is to learn how to “surf” on a moderately strong wave, to learn to understand the mechanism of this wave, the principles of its behavior and to learn how to live in accordance with these principles.

Sometimes, it is good to allow a little storm to shake your life to help break the old stereotypes and build a new understanding of life. Going a little in the minus sometimes can give you a plus.

We do not offer any revolutionary changes. The humanity may decide to allow or prohibit homeopathy, decide to allow or prohibit bioresonance or any other directions. But you can NOT prohibit the wave.
The wave can easily bypass any obstacle.

Therefore, we our strength – both ours and yours – is in a single concept, in a single approach, in a unified methodology.

Our goal with you is to try to release our informational matrix from the unnecessary obsolete things and to re-structure it with a new knowledge for a better functioning and a healthier living at the life’s new level.

Staying on the same wave!

Team of Praha-Alfa Med LLC
Global Head Office of Sensitiv Imago Technology