SENSITIV IMAGO Digi-Healer – Your daily healing solutions!

The European producer and the global distributor, Praha Alfa-Med LLC is proud to present Sensitiv Imago Digi-Healer, a brand-new line of portable and mobile hi-tech solutions for natural wellness, energy boost, emotional balancing and symptomatic relief.

Why Digi-Healer?

Over the past 5 years, we have been constantly receiving questions and requests from our users, doctors, alternative practitioners, international distributors and partners from all over the world – Europe, America, Asia, Africa. They all were asking a similar question: “Can you create a mobile version of Sensitiv Imago, so our patients and clients can get the healing anytime and anywhere?”

At first we were hesitant, because as a producer of pro-level diagnostic and wellness technologies, we knew very well that creating a quality portable healing gadget would be a challenge. But we also saw clearly a big necessity in the world for such a gadget. Because a lot of people simply can’t afford to buy our acclaimed professional Sensitiv Imago machines, so our Team at Praha Alfa-Med LLC wanted to do something for everyone of you who wants to get the benefits of the new-age vibrational medicine. So here we are today, happily announcing the brand-new Sensitiv Imago Digi-Healer line. We’re bringing the popular Sensitiv Imago frequencies to your home and office, to your Uber ride or an airbus trip, to your park walk or to your sitting by a river.

New-Age Mobile Wellness concept

We see Sensitiv Imago Digi-Healer not just as a technology but also as a new-age concept of Lifestyle and Wellness.

Every day, our high-speed world that throws multiple tasks at us that require our prompt reactions and lot of work. Multi-tasking, multi-coffeeing, snacking on the go, lack of sleep, dehydration, air pollution, electrosmog….you name it! All of the above factors and then some put a huge stress load on everyone of us. So we must have modern-age tools to be able to help ourselves with.

Sensitiv Imago Digi-Healer is our company’s answer to help you to balance and compensate your everyday physical and emotional stress loads.

    • Experience our frequency healing complexes in the office or at home
    • Take your portable Digi-Healer gadget with you to revitalize your organism on the go
    • Get new healing complexes added to your Digi-Healer gadget as we release new module
    • Get individual consults in our partner centers throughout the world
    • Request individual healing complexes custom-made based on the scan of your organism

Wellness Possibilities of Digi-Healer

    • compensates for chronic diseases and functional disorders
    • compensates for a number of pathological symptoms and syndromes
    • increases the effectiveness of the prescribed physician therapies
    • provides relaxation and optimizes the psycho-emotional state
    • relieves stressful states in the body
    • stimulates and improves memory
    • optimizes the human intellectual level
    • enhances physical endurance
    • stimulates and improves mental activity
    • activates the process of learning and adoption of new information
    • stabilizes the phase of fast and slow sleep
    • optimizes rehabilitation after physical work loads
    • optimizes rehabilitation after emotional stress loads
    • helps with any training, both physical and mental

***Additional possibilities are being in the development.

Sensitiv Imago Digi-Healer Product Line

We offer a line of Digi-Healer products that cater for different healing needs and different budgets.

Digi-Healer Online Wellness Portals:

Our online-based wellness portals give you the most affordable possibility to access the Sensitiv Imago healing complexes. Every day you can login to your personal online member area and choose a healing complex that addresses your specific needs. All you need is the access to the internet and decent earphones.

Digi-Healer LOTOS ia an Online Wellness Portal for relaxation & emotional correction. All you need is the access to the internet and decent earphones.

Digi-Healer AURAVISUALS is an Online Wellness Portal for physical symptoms relief.

All you need is the access to the internet and decent earphones.

Digi-Healer Frequency Gadgets:

Our portable gadgets enable you to take the healing possibilities with you wherever you go. The strongest advantage are the ultimate healing mobility and the possibility to order individual healing modules.

Digi-Healer Frequency Streamer is a premium Mobile Healing Gadget for organs & systems correction.

Digi-Healer Frequency Glasses is a premium Mobile Healing Gadget for organs & systems correction that adds a visual dimension to vibrational healing.

Need more information about Digi-Healer products?

We look forward to help you and your patients live a healthier life!
TEAM of Praha Alfa-Med LLC