The Sensitiv Imago™ in EU offers various models of diagnostic device targeted at different categories of customers:

  1. Doctors: for private practice for preventive diagnostics
  2. Preventive and diagnostic centers: as the main health scan and diagnosis equipment
  3. Nutritionists: alternative and preventive medicine
  4. Food supplements companies/distributors
  5. Manufacturers of cosmetics, foodstuffs and various kinds of drugs: for identifying of optimal ingredients and for evaluation tests of their products
  6. Beauty salons, wellness and health centers: for adding a new high-price, in-demand service to their business
  7. Individual entrepreneurs and investment companies: to open a recession-proof, turn-key business that can start generating you profits right away. We offer assistance to our customers in setting up their private diagnostic center
  8. Personal and family use – for personal monitoring and prevention purposes

Sensitiv Imago™ class 500 (530)

This is a top-of-the line, European award-winning model of Sensitiv Imago™ that scans the human organism with a 96% accuracy, within 30 minutes. Sensitiv Imago™ has a professional-level production that provides unique possibilities intended for use in professional holistic centers, by both medical and non-medial therapists or investment entrepreneurs/companies who are willing to set up a recession-proof business.

Best-seller model 530

We are proud to present the brand-new professional model Sensitiv Imago™ 530CE. It has a relevant European certification and is currently the best-selling Sensitiv Imago™ model. An integral part of the equipment is the latest version of the Lifestream software and database. Measurement accuracy of the model 530 is up to 96%. The device is multi-functional and it can be used by naturopaths, nutritionists and alternative medicine, as well as by traditional doctors and even for scientific research.

Sensitiv Imago™ technology devices can find the cause of your health issues, establish microbiological biocenosis, identify presence of toxic products in the body, including heavy metals, pH allergens and many other parameters that are key for a naturopath or a holistic doctor to find the best possible holistic healing methods for a patient. Everyone knows the importance of proper nutrition for any organism, be it a child, an adult or a elderly person… Sensitiv Imago™ 530CE will help you create the right personalized nutrition plan, with the list of good and bad food for your health. With our technology, you can fully examine any person starting from the age 5 and the examination is non-invasive and completely painless.

In 2017 we’ve had three major events:

  • Model Sensitiv Imago™ 530CE became part of the presentation at the international TEDx platform
  • Model Sensitiv Imago™ 530CE went through a major software update which expanded the operator’s instruments
  • Model Sensitiv Imago™ 530CE became a part of our new Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate Complex

Sensitiv Imago™ class 100 (130)

This is a economy-class device provides a 90% degree of analysis accuracy (compared to 96% of model 530) and is best suited for beauty salons and health centers to add a high-value service for their customers. Sensitiv Imago™ class 100 can execute diagnosis without prior entering of patient’s complaints.