Wellness Possibilities

Digi-Healer is a line of portable gadgets and wellness portals that take wellness and healing on a new level. These new-age technologies allow you to access healing frequencies on demand where and when you need it.

Life situations for use of Digi-Healer technologies

    • compensates for chronic diseases and functional disorders
    • compensates for a number of pathological symptoms and syndromes
    • increases the effectiveness of the prescribed physician therapies
    • provides relaxation and optimizes the psycho-emotional state
    • relieves stressful states in the body
    • stimulates and improves memory
    • optimizes the human intellectual level
    • enhances physical endurance
    • stimulates and improves mental activity
    • activates the process of learning and adoption of new information
    • stabilizes the phase of fast and slow sleep
    • optimizes rehabilitation after physical work loads
    • optimizes rehabilitation after emotional stress loads
    • helps with any training, both physical and mental

Problems we target:

    • daily fatigue
    • headaches
    • anxiety
    • immune boost
    • insomnia
    • spasm reduction
    • inflammation
    • tooth ache
    • hypertension
    • joint pain
    • back pain
    • physical stress
    • psychological stress

*** New modules are added on a regular basis.

NEW: Individual healing modules based on person’s scan

We offer the possibility to produce and load on your Digi-Healer gadget your personalized healing modules. You visit one of our Sensitiv Imago partner centers for an individual scan. Your scan is then forwarded to our Central and our Digi-Healer team will analyze your organism to produce a healing complex that is tailored to your organism’s to the moment state.

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We look forward to help you and your patients live a healthier life!
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