New-Age Energy and Psychology Holistics

Sensitiv Imago™ AUREOLA is a hardware-software complex based on the Bio-Photon Holography principle of the registration of signals from a biological object and forming connections to the biological energy state, the psycho-emotional state and the physiological resourcefullness of the tested object.

The Bio-Photon Holography (BPH) method is based on the physical effect of glow of various objects in high-tension electromagnetic fields. The image data from the human fingers, processed by the latest computing technologies, allows us to find connections with the general level and the nature of person’s psycho-emotional and physiological activity, assess the state of individual organs and systems and monitor the effect of various stress influences on the body.

Historically, this effect of glow was first discovered in 1766 by the Englishman Joseph Priestley. Later on, a number of scientists in different countries contributed to the development and improvement of the method.

In 2014, Praha Alfa-Med LLC, the owner of the SENSITIV IMAGO™ trade mark, initiated the technological development of the Bio-Photon Holography (BPH) method specifically for the needs of the modern psychology, sports, HR and alternative medecine.

In 2018, the Aureola Hardware-Software Complex represents a combination of over 20 years worth of study, tests and practical results with the latest Hi-Tech advancements brought to you by Praha Alfa-Med LLC.

Technological know-how – 4 Main Principles

  1. Signal-reading technology
    • Bio photon Holography. The machine creates a high-tension electro-magnetic field and reads the bio-field of the tested object.
  2. Computed reflexicology analysis
    • The technological synergy of methods of reflexicology. The machine
      registeres and forms correlations between the signals from the active points and the human organs and systems.
  3. NLS methodology of analysis
    • Aureola uses a custom NLS algorithm for the analysis of the scan readings and providing the holistic energy and physiological aspects about the tested object.
  4. Tested Database
    • The machine has an exclusive database of the psycho-emotional factors and their connections to the physiological activity and imbalancies backed up by 20 years of studies and tests in different fields.
      Before launching, the technology-methodological complex has been tested in countries like Czech Republic, Russia, Israel, Belarus, Kazakstan.

As such, the Bio-Photon Holography (BPH) method and the Aureola® 100 complex have been reliably applied in many areas like psychology, sports, psycho-physiology, military assessments, scientific research and others.. This method has been used for many years in medicine, sports and science as a tool for screening assessment, both the patient’s condition and the degree of external and internal influences. The method demonstrates high repeatability of results, has a good predictive effect in terms of both short-term and long-term forecasts (diagnoses) and sufficient correlation with real achievements (for example, in sports).

Possibilities of the Aureola

  • Express evaluation of energy and psychological state within 10 minutes
  • Differential diagnostics: physical problems and emotions
  • Estimation of the psycho-emotional state parameters expressed as diagnostics conclusion reflecting the level of functional-energy state
  • The Holistic Map of Organism: see the top loaded systems and organs which need support now
  • Prevention of risks – see the possible problems in the early stage of development
  • Causal-effect correlations
  • Bio-field of the body – see the link between the energy issues and the human organs
  • Viewing the energy field mode in three projections
  • Separation of the energy field into the zones for detailed analysis
  • Calculation of energy field parametrs: area, entropy, fractality and symmetry
  • Presentation of data in tables and diagrams
  • Energy centers – see the link between the emotional and physical problems
  • Interpretation for each energy center, emotional-physical imbalance
  • The energy center number is marked on the horizontal axis and the emotional-physical imbalance on the vertical one
  • Grafic display of the energy value and emotional-physical imbalance of the energy centres
  • Presentation of the table containing numeric values of the calculated parameters
  • Possibiities to compare health state before and after the recovery course
  • Monitoring and comparison – diagnostic, research and personal use
  • Static and dynamic capturing of images and saving for the further analysis
  • Static and dynamic capturing of series of images
  • Comparison of the obtained results in groups, for several objects
  • Calculation the parametrs that express the potential of success in human activity
  • Mobile potential efficiency in sports industry, for example athletes
  • Estimation of the potential success and efficiency of the working staff (HR)
  • Individual rating of a person in the team
  • Great opportunities for research work
  • Calibration of parametrs by images of the test object
  • Energy compensation possibilities Lotos module
  • Monitor the effectiveness of healing methods
  • The possibility of collecting and mathematical processing of statistical data
  • Printing out results – images, graphs and tables
  • Aureola comes complete with all the necessary documents: certificates, warranty, user’s manual, work book and case book


Target groups

  • Experts working in the practical psychology and psychosomatics
  • Experts in holistic health – both doctors and alternative practitioners
  • Experts in preventive and diagnostic care
  • Experts in research opportunities and evaluation of results
  • Experts in anti-aging and longevity
  • Experts and consultants working in the field of wellness and healthy lifestyle
  • Experts in the evaluation of the comparative results of healing techniques
  • Experts in estimation of the potential success in human activity
  • Experts and investors in sports industry for mobile health monitoring
  • Experts in estimation of efficiency of the working staff
  • Experts and consultants in the energy diagnostics and healing
  • Experts working with practitioners of martial arts
  • Experts and consultants in yoga practices
  • Experts and consultants in meditation practices
  • Experts on energy harmonization in family relations
  • Experts in turn-key businesses in the field of alternative medicine