Sensitiv Imago™ Technology – description of the method and device


The operation of our equipment incorporates several cutting-edge technologies. Firstly, it is the principle of bio-resonance in combination with NLS methodology for analysis of the survey results, as well as the use of the unique SBA sensor technology that enable accurate readings of quantum characteristics from the systems and organs of the patient. The SBA sensors represent a know-how by the Manufacturer that makes our equipment unique in the class of quantum diagnostics of the organism.


The latest researches carried out by laboratories in USA, Germany, Russia, Japan have shown that cells, tissues and organs are the structures that possess very exact bio-electrical characteristics. It was proved through numerous tests that these characteristics can drastically change in presence of pathological processes.

Each pathological process, causative agent, each deviation of homeostasis have their own electromagnetic spectrum. Depending on specific organ, Sensitive Imago aligns itself with the frequency of electromagnetic impulses of this organ. So the device reads the impulses from an examined person and then our proprietary program processes the data and identifies all the pathological processes going on in patient’s body.

The database of Sensitiv Imago contains models of all pathological processes. Sensitiv Imago automatically compares the electromagnetic spectrum of patient’s organism with benchmarks in it’s database. This process is very similar to reading bar codes in the supermarket. “Bar code” is similar to an electromagnetic scale of any process in the organism.

At the final stage, Sensitiv Imago automatically selects the methods of healing and tests the drugs for best results based on patient’s pathologies.

So, the Sensitiv Imago Technology enables you to get full information about patient’s health, localize any early presentations of pathology within just 30 minutes, with a 96% precision. You can even build accurate prognosis of any pathology development for 1-5 years ahead. It is impossible with any other diagnostic method or equipment on the planet.


  1. Sensitiv Imago diagnostic device – models 130CE and 530CE – provides stable biological feedback between patient and device.
  2. Sensitiv Imago CE works in a high and ultrahigh frequency range.
  3. Know-how: System of bistabile analyzers (SBA) came in place outdated trigger sensors used by other manufacturers.
  4. The degree of diagnostics is up to 96%.